Blessing Word of parents at the wedding of their children


We, your parents, have given you life.

It's nice to have you.

But of course you are not our property.

You own yourself.


You were entrusted to us.

We have borne you,

have brought you into life and guided you,

have nourished and cared for you,

gave you a home and a homeland,

and we are glad that you have become adult people.


You now stand on your own feet,

you make your own decisions,

you design your life in your own way.

We wish you every joy with it.


Today is the feast of your wedding, of your decision for each other

and for a common future.

Today is also a day of farewell:

We, the parents, say goodbye to the parental role for you

as nourishing, educating and caring parents.

You should know that you always, whatever may come,

keep a good place in our hearts,

that our blessing, our benevolence, our love will accompany you,

but that we also have respect for the new and unique

that you embodies in your character and in your community,
which you build together,.


We do not have to understand all of your decisions.

We also respect you in your being different;
because you are not just our children,
but also children of the great Mother Earth and children of God.


Our parental blessing, the blessing of Mother Earth

and the blessing of God shall accompany you

through your whole life.


Our joy as parents will be to see

that you rejoice that we have given you life

and if you make something beautiful and valuable from your life,

and if your present-day yes-word for one another

carries you through all the burdens and disappointments,
which are possible in living together.


Believe in the esteem of your parents,

believe in love for each other

and trust in the blessing of God for a lifetime.


Manfred Hanglberger (www.hanglberger-manfred.de)


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