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Maundy Thursday: "Celebration of the New Covenant" >>>

Good Friday: Why was Jesus crucified? >>>

Redemption through Jesus' death on the cross >>>
Easter: Why I believe in the resurrection of Jesus? >>>
Problematic reading in the Easter Vigil: Genesis 22 >>>



Putin´s war against Ukraine: >>>

Synodality in the Church >>>
Second Vatican Council >>>

Secularization: Solutions: >>>

Priest and Family Therapist (i.R.)  

Is there still “someone” in this huge space? Are there Aliens? Scientific and theological considerations >>>

How big is the universe? The attempt to find an answer in nine steps >>>

Value experiences of astronauts: >>>

Where does the earth come from? >>>



Prayer for the Families >>>
Prayer of Faith >>>

Blessing Word of parents at the wedding

                               of their children >>>

Prayers for the wedding ceremony >>>

Prayer  for my deceased mother >>>

Prayer for my deceased father >>>

Blessing the own home or apartment >>>

Prayers for leaders and managers in the business world >>>

Prayer for the bullfighters >>>

Prayers for a pet burial >>>

Why a religious ritual for a pet burial? >>>


Orations from theology and spirituality of the environmental encyclical "Laudato si >>>


Prayer for mobile phone screen: AA   BB




Prayers of the Pope >>>


Voices of faith - Women as Change Agents >>

Prayer on Thursday >>>

Texts of Faith

Index of the texts about Eucharist >>>

The crucifixion of Jesus in its redemptive effect >>>

Why was Jesus crucified? >>>

Eucharist: "Celebration of the New Covenant" >>>

Why I believe in the resurrection of Jesus? >>>


Signposts for an "updated doctrinal `corpus´" >>>

What Pope Francis expects from the pastors
                                                       of the Church:


Love of enemies - What is that? >>>

About "human" and "divine" love >>>

 “Incarnation”: Secularization in Christian understanding >>>


Dictionary of Encounter :
       Basic Terms in Christianity and Islam


No one had to die for our sins >>>


The Synodal Path of the Catholic Church of Germany >>>


Islam and Christianity: human fraternity >>>

Text sections of “human fraternity” >>> 

Spirituality – what is that? >>>

Spirituality and the Dimensions of Love >>>


Church and Democracy >>>

True Democracy or "Dictatorship of the Majority"? >>>

„Being Entire“ („Holistic” = “Catholic“) >>>

Do Christians all believe in the same God? >>>

What is the role and the task of a priest? >>>

The destruction of Jerusalem changed Christian worship >>>

God and Nature >>>

The Mercy and Justice of God >>>

The belief in the "Triune God” >>>

Carnival sermon of the "devil" >>>



On fraternity and social friendship

Prayers at the end of Fratelli tutti >>>



On care for our common home
(Environmental encyclical)


A prayer for our earth (Pope Francis) >>>

A Christian prayer in union with creation >>>

Eternal Life for the animals? (Laudato si) >>>

The meaning of Sacraments >>>

- Orations from theology and spirituality of the
                       environmental encyclical "Laudato si” >>>

 Statement on the letter of the four Cardinals to the Pope >>>



On love in the family


The dignity and the rights of women" >>>

Psychological causes of partnership crises >>>

Self-criticism of the church leadership >>>

If parents expect the birth of a child >>>

A society without fathers”? (The rule of father) >>>

Sexuality – Erotic – Lust – Pleasure >>>

Violence and oppression within marriage >>>

Worthy and unworthy reception of Holy Communion >>>

Pastoral Mercy >>>



Psychological analysis and help


·    Dialogue with the “Inner Child”

·    The soul of a child

·    Dismantling systemic loads

·    Renunciation towards the parents

·    Building protection if you've been injured in childhood

·    Withdraw the hands of desire

·    Say goodbye to the role of helper

·    Projections in a partnership
(Temporal splitting of projections)


·    Arguing - but constructively!

·    Rules for fair criticism

·    100 feelings

·    The World of Emotions (Do not judge feelings!)






Important Documents of Faith
of the Cath. Church:



All documents of the second vatican council >>>

Gaudium et Spes (On the church in the modern world) >>>

           Important citations from “Gaudium et Spes” >>>

Dignitatis humanae (Declaration on religious freedom) >>>
           Important citations from “Dignitatis Humanae”


Populorum Progressio (1967):
                The progressive development of peoples

Redemptor hominis (The Redeemer of Man)  1979 >>>

Laborem Exercens  (On Human Work) 1981 >>>

Sollicitudo rei socialis:
                  (The social concern of the church) 1987

Lumen Fidei (On Faith) 2013 >>>

Evangelii Gaudium (The Joy of the Gospel) 2013 >>>





QUERIDA AMAZONÍA (Post-synodal Apostolic Exhortation)

Final Document of the Amazon Synod

CHRISTUS VIVIT: Synod of Bishops on Young People