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Easter: Why I believe in the resurrection of Jesus? >>>

Maundy Thursday:  Celebration of the "New Covenant">>>

Good Friday: The crucifixion of Jesus in its redemptive effect >>>

Arguing - but constructively! >>>
Rules for fair criticism >>>

Dialogue with the “Inner Child”

The soul of a child
Dismantling systemic loads

Renunciation towards the parents

Building protection if you've been injured in childhood
Say goodbye to the role of helper

Priest and Family Therapist (i.R.)  

Is there still “someone” in this huge space? Are there Aliens? Scientific and theological considerations >>>

How big is the universe? The attempt to find an answer in nine steps >>>

Value experiences of astronauts: >>>

Where does the earth come from? >>>



Texts of Faith


On fraternity and social friendship

Prayers at the end of Fratelli tutti >>>



On care for our common home
(Environmental encyclical)


A prayer for our earth (Pope Francis) >>>

A Christian prayer in union with creation >>>

Eternal Life for the animals? (Laudato si)>>>

The meaning of Sacraments >>>

- Orations from theology and spirituality of the
                       environmental encyclical "Laudato si” >>>

 Statement on the letter of the four Cardinals to the Pope >>>



On love in the family


The dignity and the rights of women" >>>

Psychological causes of partnership crises >>>

Self-criticism of the church leadership >>>

If parents expect the birth of a child >>>

“A society without fathers”? (The rule of father) >>>

Sexuality – Erotic – Lust – Pleasure >>>

Violence and oppression within marriage >>>

Worthy and unworthy reception of Holy Communion >>>

Pastoral Mercy >>>


Important Documents of Faith
of the Cath. Church:


Prayer for the Families >>>
Prayer of Faith >>>

Blessing Word of parents at the wedding

                               of their children >>>

Prayers for the wedding ceremony >>>

Prayer  for my deceased mother >>>

Prayer for my deceased father >>>

Blessing the own home or apartment >>>

Prayers for leaders and managers in the business world >>>

Prayer for the bullfighters >>>

Prayers for a pet burial >>>

Why a religious ritual for a pet burial? >>>


Orations from theology and spirituality of the environmental encyclical "Laudato si >>>


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Prayers of the Pope >>>


Voices of faith - Women as Change Agents >>

Prayer on Thursday >>>

The crucifixion of Jesus in its redemptive effect >>>

Why was Jesus crucified? >>>

Eucharist: "Celebration of the New Covenant" >>>


What Pope Francis expects from the pastors
                                                       of the Church:


NEW: Love of enemies - What is that? >>>


NEW: About "human" and "divine" love >>>


Secularization in Christian understanding


Dictionary of Encounter :
       Basic Terms in Christianity and Islam


No one had to die for our sins >>>


The Synodal Path
of the Catholic Church of Germany


Islam and Christianity: human fraternity >>>

Text sections of “human fraternity” >>>




All documents of the second vatican council >>>

Gaudium et Spes (On the church in the modern world) >>>

           Important citations from “Gaudium et Spes >>>

Dignitatis humanae (Declaration on religious freedom) >>>
           Important citations from “Dignitatis Humanae


Populorum Progressio (1967):
                The progressive development of peoples

Redemptor hominis (The Redeemer of Man)  1979 >>>

Laborem Exercens  (On Human Work) 1981 >>>

Sollicitudo rei socialis:
                  (The social concern of the church) 1987

Lumen Fidei (On Faith) 2013 >>>

Evangelii Gaudium (The Joy of the Gospel) 2013 >>>




QUERIDA AMAZONÍA (Post-synodal Apostolic Exhortation)

Final Document of the Amazon Synod

CHRISTUS VIVIT: Synod of Bishops on Young People